The Son of the Widow, the Seventh Sign

The seventh and final Comer would be known amongst his names as the First and the Last, and the Son of the Widow, and he would be the first and the last of the Signs to come after the Sixth. The Seven are one in their design, one in their purpose, their path being sevenfold; and therefore they are as one in their being, and no other man shall truly know of their collective mind.

The Prophecy of the Seven Signs was contained and transmitted within the the Seven Seals, with each of the Comers adding to the prophecy in turn, as was designed and progressed by each of the High Lords and their brotherhoods as the coming of each Prophesied One came about. In the intervening periods between the comings of each of the High Lords, the prophecy was then further carried by and transmitted to other brethren, both of men and women, over thousands of years, often at great cost and loss of life, for fear that it would be destroyed by the followers of false beliefs who had misused the accumulated and singular teachings of members of the Seven who had come up to that particular point in time, to further their insatiable ambition for rule by might instead of right.
The Seventh Seal was opened by Robert George Crosbie, who is known to the followers of The Way as the Son of the Widow, in 1997, and published in the March 2000. Since that time many have held the Seventh to ridicule, and indeed many have turned against him, “for fear of the loss of what blind belief promises unto them”, as was prophesied by the former High Lords. The prophecy was also published as a separate title, The Prophecy of Jesus the Christ, Upon the Opening of the Seventh Seal, in 2008. Nevertheless, the Seals, as revealed by the Seventh Sign, now lay opened before you, the reader of these words, at this important time, at the Ending of Days.

Two Possible Endings

Whether one or other of the two possible endings foretold in the prophecy may come about, remains to be seen, as that outcome will be determined by the workings of the minds of those who either choose to look at what the prophecy reveals, as the words of the Seven will be as a sharp two-edged sword to the minds of men of good intent, or as a punishment to those who cannot or refuse to face their truthful realities.

As always in The Way, the choice is yours.

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