Joshua Ben Miriam, the Sixth to Come

The sixth High Lord was, like Moses, born into the Hebrew or Jewish nations, and he became possibly the best known individual in history, not because of the truths of his life and teachings, but rather by the twisting and mythologising of his reality, which suffered little better fate than the five Signs that came before him. Nevertheless, although Joshua Ben Miriam, more commonly known as Jesus, knew that he would possibly fail in his attempt to sufficiently alter the course of man’s unending pursuit of blind belief in the unbelieveable, he was destined to leave a legacy, a core of his original teachings and prophecy, in the hands of chosen members of the same Brotherhood of Nazarenes, the Brotherhood of Light, that served, instructed and protected his predecessors in their times. It was his purpose to prepare and to make straight The Way for the coming of the last of the Seven Signs, who would come to be born amongst mankind close to the foretold Ending of Days, at a time when the whole World would be at war for the second time, and as the time of his final testing drew ever close upon him.

Extract from The Book of Man

The Birth of Joshua Ben Miriam

And they stood in the place of the cave; and behold, a bright cloud of light overshadowing the cave. And the midwife said, “Salvation is born unto Israel! For this purpose am I sent!” And she ordered Joseph and his sons to place Mary upon a litter that was prepared, and took her a short way onto the place prepared for them. Mary was laid there upon a bed and was attended until the young child appeared, his High Caul upon his face, looped about his ears. And after the veil was lifted from his eyes, he was placed upon the breast of his mother Mary.
And the midwife cried aloud and said, “Great unto me today is this day in that I have seen this new sight: an High Caulbearer is born this day!”
And the midwife went forth of the house of confinement, and Salome met her. And she said to her, “Salome, Salome, a new sight have I to tell thee. A virgin hath brought forth by the quill.”
And Salome said, “As the Lords liveth, if I make not trial and prove her nature I will not believe that a virgin hath brought forth, not even by a quill, or by anything.”
And the midwife went in and said unto Mary, “Order thyself, for there is no small contention arisen concerning thee.”
And Salome made trial, and cried out and said, “Woe unto mine iniquity because I have tempted the living Force of Life that is, and lo, my hand falleth away from me.”
And she bowed her knees unto the High Lord freshly born, saying, “O Lord, remember that I am the seed of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Make me not a public example unto the children of Israel, but restore me to health and unto the poor lepers of whom I shall serve, for thou knowest, Lord, that in thy name did I perform my cures and did receive my hire of thee. I also am an Caulbearer, but of lowly veil am I.”
And an midwife present there said onto her, “Bring thine hand near unto the young child and take him up, and there shall be unto thee salvation and joy.”
And Salome came near and took him up, saying, “I will do him worship, for a great king is born unto Israel by the right of his High Caul.” And behold, immediately Salome was healed; and she went forth of the cave justified. And lo, an wise man saying onto her in a low voice, saying, “Salome, Salome, tell none of the marvels which thou hast seen until the child enters into Jerusalem. Knowest thou the evil of men who are kings by force and power of force alone: have a care of that which thou doest.”
And behold, Joseph made him ready to go forth into the city. And there came a great tumult into Bethlehem of Judaea, for there came wise men, saying, “Where is he that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his sign within the firmament for an goodly time in the east, and an arc, and Venus in her place. The circles measureth and foretold this happening: we have come to worship him.”

And when Herod heard it again that the sign was completed, he was troubled and sent officers unto the wise men. And he sent for the high priests and examined them, saying, “How is it written concerning this Christ where he is born?” They said unto him, “In Bethlehem; for so it is prophesied and so is it written.” And he let them go.
And he examined the wise men, saying unto them, “What sign saw ye concerning the king that is born?” And the wise men said, “We saw a very great star shining among those stars and dimming them, so that the stars appeared not. And there was an arch, and Venus was in her right place for an High Caulbearer, and thereby knew we that a king was born unto Israel, and we came to worship him.” They told him not that which was true, for they knew his heart and his fear.
And Herod said, “Go and seek for him, and if ye find him, tell me, that I also may come and worship him.”
And the wise men went forth. And lo, the star which they saw in the east went before them until they entered into the house of confinement, and it stood over the roof of the house. And the wise men saw the young child with Mary his mother; and they brought out of their scrip gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.
And being warned by the Brotherhood that they should not enter into Judaea but for a short time only that they might see the newborn king and depart, they went into their own country by another way, and went not back onto Herod.
But when Herod perceived that he was mocked by the wise men, he was wroth, and sent murderers after them and after him, saying unto them, “Slay the children from two years old and under!”
And when Mary heard that the children were being slain, she was afraid lest she also be slain, and took the young child and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in an basket upon an ass. And they sped from that place, together with guides of the Brethren, and with them their Knight Protectors, being all valiant men of war, so that they would be safe.

End of extract from The Book of Man