Foreword to the Prophecy

As mentioned in the About page, this website is provided to the give account of the revealed prophecy contained within the Seven Seals, and to explain as simply as possible the background of the origins and cross-cultural roots of this widely known of but much misunderstood subject, which spans the ages from the time of man’s earliest stirrings as a reasoning beast, right up to these present times, at which point it was designed to be revealed to humanity as both an assistance and a warning. It was prophesied that mankind would judge himself in those ending times, or Ending of Days, which would come about when he would either continue his ways as a mindless beast, and consequently perish as a species, or raise himself up to a higher way of thinking, based on the principles of truth, knowledge, logic and reason, which are the cornerstones of the reality which support him. His choice to do one or the other, as no other choices exist in reality, would then justly serve to determine his final judgment, as his end would be according to the workings of his own mind, which is his singular responsibility and choice, as the laws of cause and effect are constant and unvarying.

A Collective Prophecy

This prophecy, which we will generally refer to as the Prophecy of Jesus the Christ, is in fact a combined or collective prophecy, started by the first High Lord of the Veil known as Dan (this name meaning ‘Judge’), who was born amongst men in the formative times of his existence as a sentient beast, many, many thousands of years ago. Dan prophesied that a further six High Lords would come to mankind, to attempt to show him The Way, and to warn of the inevitable fate of the species and the world as a whole, should mankind stray from this straight and narrow Path. Dan, therefore, was the first of the Seven Signs, as they would collectively become known, as their predicted arrival would serve as a sign or indication that mankind must change his way, or die.

The prophecy was handed down from each the High Lords, through the members of the brotherhoods of The Way, to the next Sign, or High Lord of the Veil, as they came to be born amongst mankind. The High Lords, or High Caulbearers, as they were born behind the veil, were as follows. The first to come, as previously mentioned, was known as Dan.

The second to come was Odin, also known as Wodin, born into the tribe of Germain. He formed the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, a Caulbearer only fraternity, to carry all known knowledge forward, and also to seek out new knowledge, and to preserve all of it in concealed manner, so as to keep it safe for those to come after him.

The third of the Seven Signs was Enoch, known also as Marduk, king by right of ancient Mesopotamia. He further developed the philosophy of The Way, and left vast amounts of knowledge for the followers of The Way, and particulary for the remainder of the Signs yet to come. Enoch was also named Hermes amongst his names.

The fourth of the Seven Signs was known as Moses, the Lawgiver, who lead the Hebrews out of bondage in Egypt, and into a new land, in fulfilment of the collective prophecies of the Signs who had gone before him.

The fifth of the Signs was born in the lands of the East, and his name was Siddhattha Gotama. He would become known as the Buddha, the Enlightened One, a High Teacher of Truth. He also left his great lagacy by further teaching men of the true philosophy of life, by guiding them to an understanding of their inner beings.

The sixth to come to mankind was known as Joshua Ben Miriam, more commonly known as Jesus the Christ, which is an English translation from the Greek. He was a prophet, a priest (teacher), and king by right, due to his being born with a caul, as were each of the previous Signs.

His purpose was to spread knowledge of The Way in his time, in so far as he could, and to prepare The Way for the coming of the seventh, and final Sign, who would come to mankind when the whole world would be at war for the second time, close to the  prophesied ending times, or times of the end, as originally foretold by Dan. This seventh Sign would be known to the followers of The Way as the Son of the Widow.

Further information is provided on each of the Seven Signs under separate headings on this website.

A Brief Account of The Way

The Way has been known of in many cultures and civilisations by many names, such as the Path, the Tao, the Old Way, the Old Religion or the Ancient Way, amongst others, over many millennia. Many great cultures throughout history have both risen and fallen, according to how their peoples chose to either follow or stray from this straigh and narrow path, with the remains of many of them being uncovered or rediscovered in relatively recent times.
As already mentioned, Dan was the first of the Seven Signs, and each of his prophesied brother High Lords would each also come and be known as a Sign in their own right, as their comings would be as a sign for mankind to raise his mind to higher thinking and reasoning, before the time of his final testing came upon him, as the prophesied Times of the End, or Ending of Days, drew inevitably and predictably closer.
It was prophesied by Dan and by other Caulbearers that man at that particualar time would stand at a doorway, when his final and just ending would be revealed to him, and that he could choose, at least in some small numbers, to turn away for the lower path of blind belief and stupidity, and follow the true Way for all his future generations. His world, the Earth, which had been his original cradle and place of expansion, would by those final times become so fouled by the filth of his own making and stupidity, that it would become unfit and unable to support him in such vast numbers, with these numbers of death being generated for the purpose of the pursuit of control of the many by the few, and by the following of blind and unsupportable beliefs, as can be seen in these present times.