Enoch, the Third to Come


The third of the Seven Signs was known as Enoch, also named Marduk and Hermes, ruler of ancient Mesopotamia. In later times he became known as a god, as was likewise done to those who came both before and after him, as it was said:

“None shall know him, but all shall know of him; and they shall make poor use of that which they do not know, and even greater abuse of that which they do not understand. Many shall claim him as their own. None but his brethren shall own his affection, his substance, or his gathered wisdom.”


Then Cain, the tiller of the fields, fathered a son who he named Enoch. And amongst Enoch’s grandchildren was Marduk, who was also known as Enoch, who was king in Mesopotamia. And more were keepers of cattle who lived in tents and were the children of another tribe; and some were men who forged iron, and some were men of brass. And one of them called Lamech did kill a man to his own wounding, and said, “If he who was a tiller of the soil was so damned, then surely I am damned seven times, and seven times more!”
And his grandfather, who was a great age, sired another child from his wife who was brought to him by Dan, the High Lord. And he did call him Seth, for he said that the High Lord has appointed him another son and another seed to replace the son who was an herdsman and named Abel, who was murdered by his brother.
And so Seth also bore the caul; and unto him was also born a son, Enos. And men saw what was done and called upon the name of the High Lord, so that they may also be so blessed.
The High Lord was great in years. He had many wives and had sired many children. And he did prophesy to the coming of others over tens of thousands of years, that would be as he, of the high caul. He did prophesy a warning to all men concerning the coming of six more High Caulbearers. And he did prophesy of their deeds, and to them he did leave a legacy concerning that which they must all do in the Purpose and by the Purpose.
The Purpose is to keep men from belief in that which is not truth, and in that which is not born of reason, and in that which makes no sense according to knowledge; to live by the laws of The Way and to temper all with true justice; to interpret not, nor to make alteration—for it is above men that they should be so conceited. He bade all men to learn and to live in the light of certain truth that is proved and beyond doubt, and bade them to reason. In all things so did he bid us all. And then he did die. And so ended the ninth day of man.
And Enoch went before the Chief Lord of the Nazarenes, and he did show him wonders, for Enoch was an Caulbearer and a Brother of Nazarenes. He spoke not him regarding this generation and the generations that are yet to come; and spoke they concerning the Elect One, the Force of all Life and the Earth, that is seen and known without knowing by all men.
And they did tell him of the Third to Come, who was of his blood. And they did speak of the fourth and of the fifth and of the sixth, and mostly of the seventh to come before men in the Purpose.
And the Chief of the Nazarenes said onto him, that the Seventh would come with fire and with thundering and with a mighty power. “He shall come in a time of great fear and greater evil, and the Watchers shall quiver for fear that he might not be born, and all men will die. He shall judge all with his judgments, and some will he bless, and some shall he curse. His kindness shall he show to those who are worthy of it, and his disdain also to those who are worthy of it. They shall belong to him, and shall prosper, and the light of his knowledge shall shine upon them. All those who are wicked towards him and towards The Way shall be destroyed before the vengeance of the Force of the Earth.
“In that time the mountains shall give forth great fire and shall destroy many great places: by day and by night shall they destroy. And a great darkness shall prevail over the face of the earth, except for that place where he or his blood shall stand.”
And the Chief of the Nazarenes showed Enoch a tree that bore roses. And he told Enoch that he whose number shall be ten shall be more perfect than the rose in the beauty of his wisdom, and he shall walk before the rose in all things of perfection.
“I have seen the one whose number shall be ten, who belongs to the time after all time has stopped, and men are no more upon the face of the earth, except for his chosen. And his head is white like the white wool of a sheep but his crown was bare. His face showed his humanity, and his countenance was full of grace.”
And I asked of my fellow in the Brotherhood, “Why does he go forwards? Why does he precede the ending of man’s days by but a short time?”
And my brother said to me, “This is the Son of Man whose number shall be ten, and he shall be the seventh to come. He is the High Lord of Spirit, and he is the prophesied one destined to be victorious before eternal uprightness and justice. He is chosen before conception.
“He, who I have seen through the ethers and spirits of time, is the one who shall remove kings or mark the ending of their time and the beginnings of their time of endings. He would remove them from their comfortable seats of injustice to their fellows, and cast down the strong from their exalted positions. I have seen that they do not glorify him. Neither do they obey him, nor even hearken they onto him in the wines of their pride. Woe onto those who build them injustice, for he is at their door! To those who lay the foundations of evil deceit shall their dwellings be demolished. Woe onto them who defile his name, for they shall fall by swords! Woe to those who shall put their trust in wealth, for they shall depart from there from their riches! In their days of affluence they did create injustice and commit oppressions. You are ready for death and for your days of darkness, and for the days of his judgment, for he will surely throw you down—and this pit shall have it no bottom.
“And I saw him born, and he was as red as the sunset, and his eyes shone upon the removal of his veil. And he lifted himself from the hands of the midwife and opened his mouth as if to speak. And his father said that he had begotten a strange son, and he said that ‘He is not like onto us. His face is too glorious and his countenance and his form appears different. He is not of me, for I am not that great!’
“And three brethren gathered about him and did anoint him, and proclaimed him to his place. And it is said of him that he will stand between two gates of a terrifying throne. Woe onto men should he choose the one that is the gate to man’s damnation!
“Should his wife deny him more wives—as shall be his need—and should men hearken not onto his sayings, and should he at last stand alone, I see him his head bursting with a great thundering fire.
And I see the circle of the High Lords come together, and join in completeness; and I see the final damnation of man, and the cleansing of him from the face of all that earth. And the curse shall be upon he and upon them, and they shall die an thousand deaths—and even then shall they know horrors. For this shall be the blessing—he shall come onto man. And this shall be the curse—if men hearken not, and his wife is not goodly to her task nor to her position, if his wives bring him not forth fruit, then all is lost; even that which they love—for even their love shall kill them.
“The Son of the Widow shall arise from the ethers of this final evil of man’s stupidities. If all bodes well, then shall man live, and all that are with him shall know great gladness. Should men turn from him, and so design that he shall fail, and the Purpose lies dead and he lies dead, then shall the dance of the Lords be completed in failure, and their veils shall stand wasted. So shall man then be no more upon the face of the earth. It shall be emptied of him and of his evil, and from thence shall his voice no longer be heard.”
And so did he prophesy.

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