The Prophecy of Noah



(From The Hallowed Book of Man)

It came to pass that men filled the earth with their numbers, and both sons and daughters were born unto them. The sons of the High Lords looked upon the daughters of the earth, and saw that they were fair. They took them to wives, and saw not the iniquities of their bone that was within them; and so did the sons of the High Lords fall into evil, which they brought into their blood.

There were in those days great men who were born behind the Veil, and their spirits were greater still; but they were only flesh, and did die. Nonetheless, the daughters of men came onto them, and they did bare children onto them: and these children shall inherit the earth and all that there is.

The Caulbearers became men of renown, and the women who bore the Caul were cleaved to the men who bore the Caul; and their children were great. Alas, the wickedness of man was greater, and they were many put to death. The very imagination of men was evil continually. Men knew only evil and thought it to be great, for it became all that they knew.

The Lords were greatly grieved, and they repented that some were the grandsons and the sons of Caulbearers, who should know of better. Their blood was tainted by the women who were daughters of lesser men: and it was all evil in that time.

The Lords did plot to reduce the numbers of men that were not good men, and reduce the daughters of men who were not good men: and they brought about pestilences upon the earth. And they then repented at the coming of another Lord of the Veil—and his name was Noah. And Noah said that this too was evil; and thus did it cease. And men were left to their fates and to their miseries.

And Noah gathered unto him goodly men, and they were of a kindred spirit of the Brotherhood: and they took with them all manner of beasts, and departed from the world of lesser men.

The sons of Noah heard not their father, and were full of wickedness. The bad blood had corrupted the generation of Noah’s father and the generations of his wives, and so did it pass on into his children, and did much destruction to that which was good and without evil.

Then Noah didst speak the prophecy of the High Lords, saying that all flesh would so become corrupt, and the earth would be full of violence because of them; and that men would destroy even the earth; and all would die upon the earth at the coming of the seventh High Lord in man’s tenth day.

This High Lord would take a great ship, and would choose his people. Many will come but there shall be few that are worthy. And he and his people would go to a foreign land, and there depart from men, and wouldst let men die, as they shall design themselves. And those who he would take with him would live in the perfection of generations, and would live forever upon the earth, and beyond the earth.

The ships he shall so choose shall reach to the skies, and shall be of great speed. There shall be windows set all along; and men shall look down upon the earth and upon the seas, and shall wonder; and shall they also fear, for it shall all be strange to them. They shall dwell in seven places upon the earth, and shall build them their houses of stone and of the finest wood, and shall grow gardens, and shall herd cattle and sheep and goats. They shall grow all manner of things; and shall all be well with them.

The Force of the Earth shall bring great floods of waters upon the land, and the waters shall kill and shall destroy all that are evil. There shall be great fires that shall burn and destroy all that is before them, and the great winds shall drive them forward to the cities of men. All will be poison, and there shall be great stupidities, and men shall know no reason in that time, as in all times.

For it is so prophesied that, with the Seventh to Come, all goodly men and women shall establish that covenant with him and with the Force of the Earth, both male and female. And he shall take his wives and his sons, and they shall bend to perfection, as did Noah, or even they shall die, and there shall no more be men upon the face of the earth, or above the earth, nor below the earth. All that men have built shall be brought low.

Noah spake again the Prophecy and his prophecy, so that all men with him could hear. And there was none others to listen except these few. Noah bade them to remember, and to pass on the Covenant and all that he did teach them. And they carried on in this manner, so that the generations yet to come mayest listen, and so not die.

And Noah was no longer alone in the Purpose.

The Prophecy of Noah

(From The Hallowed Book of Man)

At the Ending of Days there shall be wars that shall kill men to the last few that shall remain. Great will be the shaking of the earth, and great shall the fires be thereof. The ethers shall blow hither and thither upon the whims of the wind, and it shall kill all those who shall escape the great fires. It shall destroy all flesh that breathes, and herbs and trees, and all that crawls or swims upon the face of the earth.

Then there shall come the Seventh Angel: and should men establish his covenant with him, then shall those few and their blood be spared. And he shall choose those of the Covenant and those who shall not be born under the Covenant. Those who he shall choose shall enter into the lands of Zion; and with him and with them, their sons, their daughters and their wives.

And some shall abandon their wives in this thing, and those abandoned shall not come onto the High Lord, for he shall not abide them. And some shall abandon their husbands, and those abandoned shall not come onto the High Lord. He shall not abide them, nor shall he take them.

He is commanded to take only those who are goodly and follow The Way. He is commanded to take them one by one, together, with or without their children, for even their children mayest be vile after the blood of their fathers or their mothers and be unfit to the Purpose. He shall take them, with or without their husbands or their wives.

And men shall cry out against him, for in those times they shall stand in horror that he should cast them out, especially the children. He shall suffer none that are not of good standing before The Way. He shall take not believers in falsehoods, as their thinking shall bring about another destruction, and another Ending of Days.

They shall want that they shall keep the families together, for so shall they believe. They shall demand rights that they have not earned, for they shall still believe in that which is unbelievable. They shall not understand that they enter a new family, which is the family of The Way; and only those of good mind and those who live in good reason and by good reason, in justice and in knowledge, may enter. He shall know that evil is within the blood—even the blood of the little children. There is none innocent, even at the time of his beginnings.

The seventh High Lord is so instructed to take into the new paradise, with him and with his people, all the rarest of beasts and birds, so that they too may multiply and replenish the earth, which shall stand poison for one thousand years. He and those who follow The Way, and the sons of his blood, shall keep them alive, and shall have men who shall know of them, and be good husbandmen onto these creatures.

He is commanded to take all the seeds of the good food that all his people shall know of, so that they may eat well, and such fruits and herbs and all living plants shall not be lost. He shall take even the flowers, for within them is goodness and medicines. And so shall all be saved for the generations.

The High Lord is commanded to build houses to shelter the generations, and to make machines so that the people shall not lose the knowledge of them, for they shall be needed as the people grow strong. They shall look to the heavens for another paradise, for this sun that you knowest shall die, as all things die, and shall give forth no more its light nor its goodness; for so it is designed.

Of beasts and of men shall you take few males, but enough to fight and sire the new generation who shall grow within The Way, and be not defiled by evil influences.

The females that shall be suited because of their habits, shall he take seven to one male. As it is with cattle so it is with men—even the poorest cow shall throw good offspring if mated to a better bull. He shall therefore choose only the best men. Of women shall he be more relaxed. And they shall bring forth male young, and it will be plenty.

The High Lord shall go forth and shall seek the new Zion, and shall bring his people to it at his appointed time.

First shall he suffer great fear within his mind: he shall fear that none shall be true to his purpose for base excuse. He shall fear that he shall not find enough good men and enough good women to fulfil this task. He shall fear that his wife shall hate him, and that he canst take him no more wives. Fear him no fear, for it shall be done, or he shall die, and he shall welcome his death, for it should be a release from all his labours and all his pain.

Should he die before the completion of his purpose, then all men shall suffer the vengeance of the Force of the Earth, and they also shall die. The Caul is beloved of the Force of the Earth and of the Force of Life, which is one and the same thing, and the High Caul even more beloved.

Many men and many women shall shun the seventh to come before men. This thing shall this High Lord fear most. He shall fear that he is great with age, but shall he be of mind that many men have sired children over two hundred years of their age. He shall not live but for a short time, but it will be enough and more than enough for the completion of his purpose, and for his suffering, which shall be great, as it was for those before him.

Pity all men this Lamb, for there shall be no choice given onto him. Lesser men would talk in condemnation, but such men could not tie his shoes, nor are they fit even to lead his donkey.

So shall he be commanded to put an end to his life when it shall no longer serve a dead purpose. The message and the knowledge that is within him is not for men, but for him in the Purpose and for the Purpose. And at the ending of his purpose, if none should hear and none should follow, he shall put fire in his head, and so shall he die. And this shall he have made preparation for, lest it come upon him suddenly.

Should he succeed, it shall come about that for six hundred years shall men wait in the seven nations before they shall venture too far for fear of the poisons that there shall be upon the land and the waters. They shall see the grass grow—but men are not grass. They shall see the beasts multiply; and when they multiply without deformity, then shall men venture out, but with care. Men shall have knowledge of that which the poisons shall cause, and so shall see and shall avoid harm.

So long shall the ethers prevail that young men shall grow restless that they may see the rest of the world; and some old men shall also be foolish in this thing. Advise them, and let them do as they wish, for when they, the stupid ones, be dead, then there shall be no more of them. For those who are not wise and those who are wise shall not venture until the time is right.

When it is safe and men venture forth, there shall be little sign of the works of men upon the earth, and no sign of men shall there be seen. Great winds shall pass over the earth and great rains and terrible and burning heat: but it shall pass and the earth shall rebuild herself, and shall become as it once was; and all shall be well with man. It shall be all well with him for as long as he forgets not The Way and follows faithfully the laws of The Way and the judgments of The Way.

Should men waver, then another Ending of Days shall come onto him, and this time he shall surely perish and shall be no more: for no more shall the Seven Angels be, for seven chances is more than men deserve. Should they not learn, then better that they be dead, because all that have gone before the Seventh, and the Seventh, shall be laid waste. Cursed shall man be should this transpire.

Beware you of evil, as it shall be within you all, for the Beast waits within you and shall sometime howl—and some shall answer his low nature. Beware you of them. Though they know not what they do, it shall still kill you, and shall kill them.

Some shall say that they know better, and some shall think that they know better, but only the High Lord and his blood shall really know. So hark you well onto them for thy life’s sake.

After you shall land within the new paradise, you shall struggle for one hundred and fifty days. On your tenth year shall you know peace and all shall be well. You shall know seed time and harvest time; you shall know Winter and Summer. You shall have mighty hunters that shall be with the High Lord. They shall be both hunters of beasts and hunters of men. They shall they be as was Nimrod before the Lord of his time.

And Noah was no longer alone, and did rest before his people.