Foretold and Forewarned


The Deluge by Francis Danby

Art credit: Tate Gallery 

This article is provided as a public record of events that are predicted to come about in the course of time


Foretold and Forewarned


As I have written and warned against for more than fifty years to no avail, few will survive the man made destruction. Swings of atmospheric disturbances will make life all but impossible. Bodies will lie unburied as there won’t be enough people left with the strength or desire to bury them. The dogs will grow fat for a time, but then they too will die in great numbers, but their end survival rate will be greater than that of humans.


Inconstant Power and Weather

And it shall come about that the chimney towers shall cease to spew stream and the lights of the world shall be seen only in the power of water. Then shall the lights darken and cease to be, as even water shall no longer be constant. The weather shall range from deluge to drought, and back to deluge; and it shall do so violently. There will be great storms and earthquakes. They shall be numerous, and become more violent as the world goes out of balance, due the vast removal of material from place to another. Men shall believe that because it hasn’t happened yet, that it won’t, and carry on seeking wealth at all costs. Each man shall believe in his or her survival, even though the evidence to the contrary is before their very eyes.


As the Lights go Out

The lights shall go out as men struggle to overcome each other in countless power struggles. There shall be countless small battles going on all the time. Brother against bother. Your gang against mine. My street against your street. Religion will again profit from this stupidity. Chaos shall reign, as it has always done. Men will concentrate on the unimportant at the cost of the important. They will play childish games instead of tending the machines and that which the machines shall need to keep them running. Because of neglect, many dams will burst; and so shall so many varying kinds of dams that men seem unaware of.


Bursting Out

Humanity shall burst out against its tormentors. Nature herself shall burst out, and many shall die for want of her sustenance. That which holds back shall erupt and release havoc. All this shall be caused by the failure of natural controls; and even more damage shall there be, which shall be arranged by the Pilgrims in the pursuit of gold and the ever growing enslavement of the World’s populace.


Imagined Greatness

All this is happening now, but men are too blind to see. It appears small; and it is now, but it grows. It shall slowly get worse, so that ordinary men shall not see it. All this useless pain and suffering, in order to sustain their only imagined greatness and power; to sustain their imagined superiority over all others. The Mother holds the main power that can not, and shall not be possessed by any man. Therefore, all that they shall invest shall kill even them that seek such a dream. It shall instead be a nightmare.


Great Waves

Great waves shall destroy millions, as we have already witnessed in a small way. They shall be a hundred of times bigger and more. The damage shall be relevant to the small wave damage that we have already witnessed in earlier events. It will be one hundred times greater.
A wave shall hit the Irish coast. It will be about six hundred feet high and travelling at about five hundred miles per hour. It shall cause much damage and death to the coasts of Spain and France on its way to Iceland, before turning backwards and into the North Sea, where it shall build up in the shallows and narrows, swamping Holland and much of Belgium, drowning  large parts of southern England. Where the Channel narrows, it will force the water inland for miles. All will die before it. Both men and that which men need to survive, shall perish. The few who may survive the waters will then starve. They shall fight over morsels and kill each other; adding further to the death toll. Even those who shall consider that they have won, shall die. No one shall win, but as this does not and will not suit the ego of men, it shall be ignored until too late; as with every thing to do with men.



The fields shall be barren for the lack of water. They shall be made fruitless because of severe frosts that shall not be expected, in spite of warnings already felt. Their coming shall be surprising, mind numbing, and therefore misunderstood, mismanaged and unplanned for. The wealthy shall believe that their wealth shall save them. A mouthful of gold gives no sustenance; neither does a cart load.



In the closer future, gold shall be demanded for national debts and more false bills of guarantee shall be made. Currency shall become digital money; giving the Unholy Trinity total control of you, their slaves. They shall kill millions, as they force the ordinary people who cannot protect themselves to take up arms, against each other. Then the ordinary and the innocent shall be forced to wage war against their own, in the insane purpose to further protect the selfish interests of the State, which is controlled by the bankers and Church.
All this to no avail, at the costs and rewards of still more misery. They shall be blind to the suffering they shall cause, as they have always been. They do not and never have cared about anything beyond power; with the people who make it for them being unimportant, as they breed, and therefore replenish. They shall not see where their real interests lie, as they shall consider themselves invulnerable, as always. They shall as always be reliant on people that can be bought to do their bidding. What they don’t realise, is that you cannot depend on people who can be bought. They shall prove unreliable, due to such people’s nature. Unreliable people are just that – unreliable. And so shall the wheel turn.


Conceit and Neglect

Horses and all manner of useful beasts shall die, because of man’s conceit and neglect, as he holds himself above all; and so does not want to understand his true level, or his dependence on the most humble of beasts. Such thinking makes him realise his lowliness, and he will not allow himself to comprehend. The rulers are not alone in this stupid and arrogant attitude of superiority. They have trained the lowly to do likewise. Monkey see, monkey do.


Cold and Heat

The beasts of the land shall perish for lack of food and from the severe cold and heat. Man shall take much care of that which does not matter, at the cost of that which does. Man, in that soon-to-come day, shall not adjust his thinking. He will carry on as he has always done, producing more and more pollution; more and more useless pain.
Soothsayers and so-called psychics will be thick on the ground. They shall cause only confusion to themselves, as well as to those they hope to dupe. Most shall perish in the filth of their own mire.



Unseen Rivers

It shall come about as the great Atlantic river that cannot be seen, shall cease to flow. Because of this, the south lands shall burn, with nothing to cool them. The north lands shall warm, with nothing to cool them. They shall freeze, as the river shall no longer warm them either.
As the sun moves away from the earth, there will be lower temperatures than since the last ice age, and, when returning close, the heat shall be intense.
The atomic waste shall be released to the sea in the South Pole regions. It was placed there, as it was believed that it would remain safe for one thousand years. It is already close to release, as the salt eats away the metal; and as the ice melts more and more containers, they become more and more vulnerable. It shall poison all the seas as they flow and ebb about the world. The seas shall so be poisoned, and the horrors of such shall fall like rain upon the heads of men; both the innocent, as well as the guilty.


Flood, Drought and Wind

There shall become great floods that have already been warned of by the evidence that the conceited and powerful ones shall ignore, in the belief that they can control and maintain their position of power with fear, money and religion.

There shall be great droughts because of the ignorance of mankind. For he shall believe that it cannot happen. Yet it shall still happen.

Great winds will become more powerful as time passes; and time shall be the only thing that will pass mankind out in his turbulent and short future. The Salvation is possible but unlikely; he being his own worst enemy. There shall be severe frosts and terrible heat, drawing the life from everything. The populations shall shrink.


Burning Seas

The sea shall give up her gas: and so shall it burn with a great heat. And the atmosphere shall be polluted with the burning, with men not having the brains to harvest this gas for their uses, instead of leaving it to do harm to everything. Gas should have been used instead of oil, for as the gas burns it is clean, unlike oil. But the powerful ones will hold on to their wealth. Scientists will lie in their service, to persuade people that all is well: but it shall be far from it.
Governments will continue to be manipulated by the Pilgrims. They will be ever more easily bribed, as they grow ever more fearful; still believing that wealth is the answer to survival. They are, and shall remain, totally and blindly wrong.


The Earth’s Final Message

The fish shall begin to die for lack of oxygen, as the oxygen is burned by the great ocean fires. Men shall smother and struggle for life, and die; yet again because of these stupid and vile beliefs. Even though so many will be killed and the Mother Earth’s unconscious retaliation shall be killing so many, still shall mankind be killing his fellows; and he will still go on killing all that would have sustained him. He shall be the beast that shall rule over graveyards. Still shall he know no reason. He shall instead ridicule all who speak reason, as it shall not be what he wants to hear.


Insanity and Extinction

Man’s beliefs shall become more insane as his fear of extinction comes close. Many shall die because of these vile and stupid beliefs. The god-men shall become fat and shall issue rough justice. Their laws shall become more plentiful, as they attempt to gain more control, and so rule in comfort with their appearance of righteousness, as good men die because of them and their evil designs.

Richness in Death

Men will still fight over the bones of the already dead in body. As they starve, they shall return to their base nature, which is the nature of the lowest beast; and even lower than that shall they become, as they eat the flesh of their own kind. Even flesh that is putrid shall they still eat. Starvation and disease shall be widespread.
Doctors shall become more useless, as they try to profit from the situation. They shall, however, grow rich; but they shall still die.

As Was His Beginning

Mankind shall end in his endings as he began. He shall meet his end in pain and thoughtless stupidity, causing even greater pain to all he considers beneath him. His fear and arrogance shall drive him on even further, into his own destruction.


No More Chances

After one thousand years have passed, some may survive. But only those who shall shun belief in gods and wonders that do not exist. They shall survive only if they follow that which has been shown to them. Should they digress, then the destruction shall start all over again; and none shall exist after it.
Should men not accept reason and honest rules, neither shall they willingly accept justice and just law. They shall only accept that which they can use to oppress; and these laws have nothing to do with justice. Man shall die, and the Mother shall turn her back upon all of him, and no more chances shall be given him.

Investments and Rewards

Some shall come to reason, but at this time it is feared that they shall not come in enough numbers to protect themselves or to be of honest use to those who have worked for a long time. They shall be more inclined to be a danger to the few.
The ones who choose reason shall be few and scattered; and because of their fears, they will not spread the word far enough, or with enough effort. Enough men and women shall not really grasp the smooth road of reason. They shall fear that which they believe that they might lose. They too shall leave it all too late, for they shall have other considerations dear to them. The rewards for doing little are as the rewards for doing nothing. Their rewards also shall be little, with each according to his or her investment.
Some will have base reasons, and join groups that reason, in order to destroy them, and reinforce their belief in the unbelievable. They shall be of base natures, and destroy those who are diligent with honest intent, if not cast out as weeds in the garden. Foolishness shall be the mark of the damned.


Designed to Oppress

Controls shall be stifling, and shall do as stifling does. Laws shall be made in abundance, and all shall be designed to oppress. Eventually the pain will reach the brain of the masses. Revolution shall reign. We see it today in the east but, as usual, it is believed that it cannot happen in a democracy. This very attitude will be the downfall of democracy, as it is contrary to all reason.
Police will become more and more belligerent as rules are slackened to allow then to control the streets. This will turn the populations against them and they will become the public enemy.



All people will have to be members of groups in order to protect themselves against other groups. Those with food shall be in most danger; as it shall be with women, for they shall be sought after, particularly if they are clean and free from the diseases caused by the sodomites in recent times. Many women shall become barren and require even more help to become pregnant. Because of their whoring, they shall contract diseases like gonorrhea and even more viral and bacterial infections that are not really considered to be a danger to life. Not to immediate life, perhaps; but the life to come will either not happen or be deformed in body or mind, and often in both. Our promiscuous society assures it. That’s why it is being promoted on TV and everywhere your turn. It is all part of the grand plan to reduced the population by cunning. It’s the same with alcohol. Get that monkey on your back, and you belong to whoever holds the key to the bond house.
Feminism was initially financed by the Rockefellers in order to get more people into the work force, so that they could make yet more money. At the same time it was designed to split families, to make them more manageable. When, for instance, a woman decides to become independent, then what message does her husband get? Then the children are encouraged to leave home at eighteen, making them believe that they are old enough. At eighteen they are not ready to stand on their own two feet. The the hidden manipulators play on our dark side here. We are selfish by nature, so it makes it easier for the encouragement of children to leave before they are ready. So perhaps a little thought might make a difference. This shortsighted attitude is playing into their hands; and their not very caring hands, at that.



China will play the waiting game before deciding to make their own long dreamed of empire a reality. They will march, and they will go to war with almost everyone. They wont be stopped until they reach the English Channel. Their idea will be to use drug and bacterial warfare, as it leaves the property and infrastructure intact.


The Bomb will most probably be used by Iran or some other mid eastern Muslim country in or around 2017 to 2020. Fanatics are fanatics, so don’t forget your own homegrown Christian fanatics. They are no different and no less harmful than the Muslim, and will cause even more trouble.
The Pope will secretly keep poking the Muslims in the eye with a sharp stick. It doesn’t matter to them who dies, so long as they don’t. It’s all about power. It always has been, and it always will. It is time it was stopped; and they are set to stop it themselves.

The Mind is Not Ready – Yet

Look around you. No one will do a damn thing to avert the catastrophe that’s coming at us and them. The mind is not ready yet – and when it is, it will be too late.

Copyright © R.G.Crosbie

 16th June 2011

Extracts from The Hallowed Book of Man



Chapter: Flood and Fire

As the ending draws near, half of the world will burn with fires while the other half will drown in floods. The beginning can already be clearly seen, if you should care to look. Great storms, at close and regular intervals, will become normal. A potato will become a luxury where it was once taken for granted. Clean air and clean water will be very scarce to say the least. Gangs will roam, killing and looting, driven by starvation and all the usual baseness of so-called human beings. And even cannibalism will return to people who would be horrified to even think of it today.

The horrors will drive many mad, and so will they commit things unthinkable by the sane mind. Death from disease, as well as starvation, will become so overwhelming that there will not be enough people left alive with the strength to bury them.

Rats will attack the living, because they will become so used to eating human flesh. They will not know the difference between that which still moves and that which does not. Everywhere will be fouled with corpses.

The heat will kill you, and then the cold will kill you. And amongst all this, you will all do as you have always done—you will kill each other. What you will expect to gain, I do not truly know; but that won’t make any difference so long as you believe you can do it and get away with it. You will believe whatever you wish to believe; and belief will justify anything, no matter how unjustifiable. That is what you are all used to, and I see nothing to alter it.

Australia will be overrun by people from the Philippines whose lands will become uninhabitable; and, once again, fighting will erupt as there will not be enough of anything for those already there. Be well assured that no one will escape it, except the already dead.

Chapter: Job

“Hast thou entered into the treasuries of the snow, or hast thou seen the treasureies of the hail, which has been reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war at the Ending of Days? By what way is the light parted by the same Force which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?

“Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters, or a way for the lightning of thunder, to cause it to rain on the earth where no man is, on the wilderness wherein there is no man? The tree in the forest has fallen—no man heard it, but it yet made sound to satisfy the desolate and waste ground, and to cause the bud of the tender herb to spring forth. Who did this thing, or what? Hath the rain a father? Or who hath begotten the drops of dew?

The prophecy of Jesus the Christ

“And upon the opening of the Seals, the beasts will gather round you, as they will want to see that which is therein. And kings will wish to gain the Seals, to use for the damnation of their own kind; for they are but beasts, and know no reason.”

“And the first Seal will tell of wars that will come in your time; and the second will tell of a king of a great land, who has the power to give peace to the nations, and pretendeth to do so, but instead causes war for the honour of his position.

“And the third Seal will deal with the balance of things: and you will know of that balance, and its meaning to men.

“And the fourth Seal will tell of disease, of starvation and of death, which need not be; but the beasts rule. It shall also advise of the New Beginning, as one must know darkness to know light.

“And the fifth Seal shall warn of your own burdens, of which you will preach only seven, as no other will know of the rest, as they will not be of mind.

“And men shall cry unto you, asking, ‘Why me? I have done nothing!’ And you will answer, ‘That is your crime. You have done nothing; and nothing therefore shall you deserve.’

“Before one year, as the closing of the time of the opening of the Sixth Seal draws close unto you, there shall be, as a sign, seven plumes of smoke rising to the skies, from the earth. Floods and great winds—even great earthquakes will there be—and death of men in their thousands, so you be sure of the Sixth Seal. Let these be a sign unto you, so that you will not weaken in your task.

“There shall be mighty winds and disease, as you open the Sixth Seal. And few will listen, saying—‘All is well. The wind has blown not about my house’.

Chapter: Noah

The Force of the Earth shall bring great floods of waters upon the land, and the waters shall kill and shall destroy all that are evil. There shall be great fires that shall burn and destroy all that is before them, and the great winds shall drive them forward to the cities of men. All will be poison, and there shall be great stupidities, and men shall know no reason in that time, as in all times.

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