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In 1997 Bob Crosbie finished writing the book The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, which was subsequently published in March 2000. On 28th of November 1999 he wrote, as instructed in the Last Prophecy of Jesus the Christ, to Pope John Paul II, enclosing part of that prophecy.  The following is a copy of that letter; and it reads as follows.

Dear Sir,

For the first time the prophecy of Jesus has been written. I have been bid to contact you at the opening of the Seventh Seal. I am the writer of that prophecy as a Nazarene, bearing all the marks, points and numbers of that prophecy. As you will be aware, I am the Seventh High Caulbearer by right of that caul. I am instructed according to the prophecy, to bid you to cease three times.

You will find as a continuance of this letter, extracts from the prophecy, and I am sure that you will understand of their meaning.

I bid you to cease for the second time, as instructed.

I remain,

Yours faithfully,


Robert George (Bob) Crosbie.

Supreme High Priest, Order of the Ancient Way

By right of my Caul a Nazarene.

Bearer of the Mark of the Last Agony.

(10) The First and the Last After.

Extract from the prophecy as sent with the above letter:

They who sit among the seven hills will deny me. And later they will draw me in lots, for power over the kingdom that is mine and yours; so be watchful, as that which they have done unto me shall they attempt unto you,

I shall defeat the design of those who would destroy me and I shall live in a far land that has been designed to my ending, and know peace there and knowledge. And I shall be beyond the eyes of those who hate me and would kill me.

Cursed are all that shall sit among the seven hills, as their evil knows no bounds. They have no honour, nor have they any kindness in their beings. They shall create many trees of shame for men, behind which they will hide their own shame so that men will not see it.

He who sits among the seven hills and others of his design through the world shall know no shame as they shall only know of their power over the world and care not of else.

In the time of you, the last to come, one such shall rise by even the foulest of means. He shall plot with others who profess his righteousness and do murder. They shall kill a goodly man and steal from him even unto his name. And the murderer shall be named after him. Cursed be they. For they know the evil they do cannot be to good purpose, nor can such a thing be forgiven.

He that hath an ear let him hear my words as I speak them, and listen to the words of the sixth sign, and of the words of those who have gone before me, and he who shall come after me, for thine own sake.

Because you will keep good faith with me through many trials and times of great pain that you must suffer, my words will come quickly unto you and no man shall take from you your crown. For we of the seven signs are Kings above all Kings by the very right of our birth. And we that are the seven signs are the High Lords of The Veil, and all who are born behind the veil are Lords of The Veil.

And he whose coming is written in the stars shall come before you, to meet of your blessing upon them. For they shall be of your advisors and of your elders.

Fear not as thousands of elders and priests who are beasts without reason, yea tens of thousands, gather about you to bring about your destruction. Say unto them, “Worthy is this Lamb who you would slay.” For with the wisdom of the seven seals shall you overcome and you will be strong and covered in glory, and the beast will hate you, for you will answer his question and his taunts with silence.

In my time and your time even my words will be ill used, and the dread of what will come after my end is more to me than that of the dread of my end. As men shall twist all of me to his own ends, and spit upon my name in the doing of it for their own sake, and their pride’s sake, and for their power’s sake.

And should they kill you and twist you because you will follow this lamb they shall surely die, and their children shall die and they shall be no more upon the earth, or above the earth or of the earth. For even the earth will cast them out from it.

And his number shall be ten and he will bear the mark of my last agony in his right side, in his groin, and it shall be halfway between the groin and the navel, and it will be a mark that many will try to fake. But it will be laid down before his birth and cannot be faked, for it shall be a mark of birth. And he shall bear the veil. His coming will be written in the stars as is the way of all Lords of the Veil.

For all those who have sat among the seven hills, and their like in other lands in the pursuance of their false doctrine, shall burn and bring terror to all in the pursuit of their purpose.

For he whose number is ten and comes after me, will ask of you to look so that you may see, and to listen so that you may hear, and to learn so that you may know. And thus be able to judge, to gain knowledge of all kinds for your betterment.

And after great wars that will kill my people, at the will of he who sits among the seven hills and is not judged by men for his crime, there will be many wars even to the smallest of wars. Men will know madness w this time and kill for no reason except his own exaltation. Cursed shall he be for he cares not for his fellow man.

And men will walk gladly into that pit which has no bottom, that pit which is dug by the beast. And men will show their true nature and they will fight each other like dogs.

And I shall curse them, and all the Lords of The Veil shall curse them, and the High Lords of the Veil shall curse them, even if we appear to be dead and gone from them.

I see he who sits in my name, and in the name of the power of all that lives upon the earth, among the seven hills surrounded by images and falsity and gold and ivory and precious stones. He shall repent not his wrongdoing, nor his sorcery, nor his murder, nor his fornication that he condemneth in other men.

And he who squats among the seven hills shall lay the blame at the feet of he who shall seek to rule the world in his madness. For he shall forget, in his greed for glory and for power, that I am of my people and of their blood. And he shall believe that the seventh sign is also of my people. He shall see his sign grow and cause there to be thunder and fire upon that place.

And he that sitteth among the seven hills and claims my favour shall be dead, and all that he was shall be torn down, and his shame shall no longer trouble me.

And he who sits among the seven hills and those who are liken unto him, yet oppose his teachings, will join one to the other in their common goal, And will turn their wrath upon you, and will send men to kill you, and keep the world from my reason and from your reason.

And he that has the seven seals and is the seventh sign shall say unto you, “Come, and I will show you all that he who sits among the seven hills has done.” And he shall show you much murder and deceit, and lies and corruption. And he shall show you the coming of kings unto the whore to fornicate with him in his filth. And he shall show you them as they drink from the cup of his power, and bid you beware of them.

And at the falling of the great city that has been built upon murder and misery, and burning, upon fornication with evil and lies, rejoice men of good faith, thy salvation is close at hand. For thou shall follow he that comes after me, and shall repair the earth of her destruction, and shall cast down he who shall sit among the seven hills and claims my favour. For he has deceived men by his evil. Cursed be him by my mouth. So shall I judge that whore and avenge my name.

And they must not forget the beast that is he who squats among the seven hills, before his statues, and idols, and false gods, lest men shall be tempted and fall back

And I say unto you that I am Joshua Ben Miriam. Born in Bethlehem in the reign of King Herod, who did murder all in his fear of me at the sight of my sign. He did murder all of the firstborn; such was his fear of my coming. For I am King by the right, and by the right of the sign of a High Lord of The Veil, and he only by might of armies.

I am known as Jesus of the house of David, the Christ, the Anointed One. And he who shall come after me shall be known in such a way.

1. He who shall sit among the seven hills in his time will plot with the war mongers of that time to kill the seventh, for he too will fear he who will come after me. And he shall know of his sign. And the very earth below his sign will be shaken with thunder and the city will be burned, so that they will kill the bearer of the High Caul, and thus shall kill the High Lord. All the nation of my people will be put to death in search of him, for they will know of his coming. And they shall fail in this evil. For he will not be of my people. As all men are like unto each other. And let this be a sign unto you.

And I ask of he that is to follow after me, to look unto he who sits among the seven hills. For he shall know that you are the seventh sign, and the seventh spirit of the way of man. And command him to cease. For I know his works, and I know that he will have a name for which he lives, though he be as if dead. For there shall be blood upon his hands.

Be thou watchful of him, and bid him again cease, for I take offence at that which he carries out for his own glory sake. And he shall ask of you proof. Give none unto him. For he seeks only clever argument by which he shall hope to overcome you and overcome me in his wickedness. For he is the king only of cunning and of hypocrisy.

Be mindful that you have been told of my word, which I command of Peter and of John, that whichever of them shall live shall hide these things before the altars of men, before their eyes where they cannot see it. As I instruct them so I instruct thee, to hold fast.

Tell he that sits among the seven hills that he knows not when death shall come upon him, as he shall be damned by his own utterances. And I twice damn him for the evil that he says and does, as he shall know better of it, as he and those of his kind who have gone before have always done.

I hereby bid you for the third and last time, to cease.


A short time later the Pope responded in a little-reported meeting, clearly stating and confirming that the last prophecy of Jesus was now “definitive and complete.”

The following article appeared in The Sunday Times, March 12th, 2000, BRITAIN

Ailing Pope loses control of Vatican

Roland White

The Pope has lost control of the Vatican because he is too frail to manage its affairs, according to senior officials in the Catholic Church.

John Cornwell, an author and Cambridge academic, says the Pope, who will be 80 in May and suffers from Parkinson’s disease, spends much of his day resting and is invariably in bed by 6pm.

“He is not capable of having the sort of conversations he once had,” said a Jesuit academic. “He does not listen and he does not communicate.”

Increasingly isolated, the Pope has surrounded himself with an inner clique of clerics from his native Poland, including his secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisz, and his wheelchair-bound friend Cardinal Andrzej Deskur. Dziwisz is a former skiing partner of the Pope. Deskur, had a stroke shortly after the Pope’s election and the Pontiff said of him: “He does my suffering for me.”

The Pope faces further deterioration in his health with the advance of Parkinson’s disease, which is held in check by the drug Levodopa. He can expect further loss of control of his speech and bodily movements. Already stooped, he moves with an unsteady shuffle.

Cornwell, author of a controversial study of the wartime Pope Pius XII, who is accused of complicity with the Nazis, has investigated the internecine struggle accompanying the Pope’s decline.

According to the sources, the breakdown in John Paul II’s health has left a power vacuum in the Vatican in which affairs are dominated by Opus Dei, the hard-line right-wing faction that has seized control of at least three key Vatican departments: the section responsible for making saints, the congregation that appoints bishops, and the powerful press office.

Officials paint a bleak picture of life in the curia, the administrative centre of the Catholic church, as a bureaucracy turning rotten thanks to a culture of malevolent gossip and the tensions of celibacy. There are few women working in the Vatican, but those who do are treated with contempt. One former secretary was locked in her office each day by her boss. Another found when she went to the cafeteria male colleagues would move away if she sat close.

The church is facing a period of unprecedented danger as reformers attempt to seize the initiative back from the conservatives at the top of the Catholic hierarchy.

According to top theologians, feuding right-wingers are manipulating the Pope to the extent of putting statements into his mouth.

Even his grip on doctrine is being prised away. One Jesuit theologian has accused him of “rank heresy” after a previously unreported public meeting last month at which the Pope announced that the revelation of Christ was “definitive and complete”, a view that amazed theologians. According to orthodox doctrine, the revelation will not be complete until the second coming of Christ.

Since 1870, popes have been considered infallible on matters of doctrine. But liberal Catholics believe that such statements by John Paul II – including a view that Catholicism is the only true faith – are being put into his mouth by the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Formerly the Congregation for the Inquisition, this department, headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, is the appointed guardian of church orthodoxy. It is waging a fierce doctrinal battle with a liberal Catholic theologian, Father Jacques Dupuis, who acknowledges the importance of other faiths.

“The statement was evidently written out for the Holy Father by Cardinal Ratzinger’s department,” said the Jesuit source, who refused to be identified.

The Pope was once a keen swimmer and skied until he was 73, but he has since had several falls, including one that broke his femur. He has also had an operation to remove a benign tumour. Recently, Karl Lehmann, a German bishop, became the first senior churchman to raise the prospect of the Pope stepping down.

In the absence of strong leadership, factions in the church have been allowed to struggle for supremacy. Shortly after Christmas, Conservative cardinals condemned the Pope for making an apology for the church’s past sins, including the Spanish Inquisition.

This power struggle comes at a difficult time for the church. Young people are leaving the church in large numbers, driven away by the pontiff’s hard line on divorce and birth control. There has been a similar fall in young men wishing to become priests. “The church has now entered a period of acute and unprecedented danger,” Cornwell said.

The fact that the Pope said that the prophecy was definitive and complete creates all sorts of questions. The main question is, “Is the Christ reborn as the Pope’s statement declares, and if so, then where is he? What is the Pope doing about it that makes any sense beyond the madness of religious fanaticism? What is The Last prophesy of Jesus? No one seems to actually know apart from those who have read Bob Crosbie’s book or at least his letter to the Pope. However it appears that it would be far preferred if it were to be kept under wraps or even buried. One of the Church’s favourite ways of dealing with problems is to bury them, or ignore them until they tire and go away.

But surely this is too important to be treated in such a manner? What have Opus Dei and the Jesuit priesthood got to fear from such as Bob Crosbie? Or is it more a case of what have they got to fear from people that makes them ignore it? Their past record stands them in a very poor light, so this is more than just possible.

Shortly after reading what this man wrote, the Pope entered into a phase of apology for the ‘mistakes’ of his church in the past, while at the same time he covered up the problems of child sex abuse, and maintained an air of piety within his church. That is a hard thing to do unless you are stone cold on the inside and hard as steel on the outside, without any conscience, and certainly not a follower of Jesus. A follower of Jesus would have been handing out millstones. Any decent minded person would have.

But not the Pope nor any of his cardinals who are there to ‘protect the truth.’ What truth? If you were to ask Bob Crosbie he would tell you that the truth needs no protection, it protects itself. And from whom, and why does it need to be protected?

What of this prophecy of Jesus being now definitive and complete? What of the new Christ? Is he a reincarnation as some believe, or another person born marked as his successor and a successor to others gone before? Is he a totally different person to Jesus? Is he the second coming or the seventh written about and predicted in so many ancient works, even in the original Bible, The Book of Man? Perhaps he comes to save, or maybe even to destroy, as a punishment for men. We certainly deserve it.

There is no one out there from any of the Christian faiths who will say anything, and most will deny all knowledge of either his existence or the existence of the prophecy itself. Except for, of course Pope John Paul the Second himself, who by his own admission stands guilty, and almost as guilty as his predecessors.

Those who deny all knowledge cannot be for real. Some refuse to even read the book containing the prophecy. Why? It makes no sense unless they are afraid that what they read is — as the Pope in his infallibility has stated — the definitive and complete last prophecy of the one they all claim to worship: Jesus the Christ himself. They should be clambering over each other to read it.


Bob Crosbie wrote to the Pope a second time on Friday, 10th March 2000 as follows. You should bear in mind that his friend, Albino Luciani, was Pope John Paul the First.

Dear Sir,

Once again I find it necessary to write to you as I have been requested in the last prophecy of Jesus. You ask for forgiveness, knowing that such forgiveness is not possible.

I can only come to the conclusion that this request is not really serious, either in content or intent.

And Jesus said: “The time of the forgiveness of man is over…” and that was long before the ‘mistakes’ of your organisation were made with such malice, and indeed gusto: as was the murder of Albino. Again the prophecy proved correct as it has always done.

How can you ask this forgiveness, knowing exactly what happened to my friend Albino? He gave an unusual acceptance speech because he knew that he would be murdered.

Let me remind you that there is no forgiveness for such evil, even according to you.

Let me bid you once again to cease according to the last words and prophecy of Jesus, with whose authority I command you.

He has commanded me to bid you to cease three times and yet again three times, for you know the evil you do.

Again I bid you for the second time, three times, in that name, to cease.

I shall bid you again, “Cease,” as he said, “You shall know not when death shall come upon you.”

You shall know that you and all that you represent, your cohorts and minions, your assassins, and all that follow in the name of Joshua Ben Miriam, “Jesus The Christ” stand condemned and cursed by him that you have claimed to follow, from his own lips for he knew you even then.

Ask not forgiveness, you are millions of lives and seas of blood too late, and only ask this forgiveness for your own gain, which is your only and usual reason for all things

I remain Sir,


Robert George Crosbie, S.H.P of the Way.

A Nazarene by right of my Caul, in command of that brotherhood which commands over you and all that there is. Again I bid you “Cease”.

I enclose my address so that you may know it, as you knew of me and know of me. Cease and go your way, condemned as you so readily condemn.

After this letter it was reported that the Pope had received a death threat because it said, ‘You know not when death shall come upon you’. More negative reaction to a very serious situation.

Would you be surprised if at times such as these, with global warming the weather changes, wars and all the evil that we see every day, that someone really is here to point the way? Perhaps this High Caulbearer has come in reality to do what his predecessor failed to do?

Again, in his frustration, Bob Crosbie wrote to the Pope in the vain hope that he might relent and do something right for once. Again I present the copy as it was written and sent to Rome.

Friday 20th April 2000

Dear Sir,

Again I write to you to bid you to cease according to the last revelation and bidding of Jesus the Christ. He says in that prophecy and revelation, and again I quote, “Cursed be the whore who squats among the seven hills in my name, as he knows the evil that he does.”

You sir are aware of the Prophecy. You know that you are not in any contact with any deity, yet you still perpetuate the myth for you own ego’s sake and for the power that such myth gives you.

Your personal motive is base to say the least. The motive of those who support you in your vileness is also base. You stand rebuked before his eyes. Jesus went to a lot of trouble to ensure that his last words and prophecy would live until the coming of the Seventh, the first and the last to come after him.

The Seventh Seal is open and l must bid you to bow to that Seal, though I know that you will not. Still I follow the command of that prophecy and the command of Jesus, and I bid you to cease, and yet I bid you again to cease, and again to cease.

(You may read the full prophecy in the book The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils (ISBN: 0953820602)).

You sir are of no importance in the future of mankind, because you, your predecessors and your kind have ensured that there will be little future, and probably the way things look at this time, no future for mankind at all. The only chance is to follow the instructions of the Christ, but your ego, greed and lust for power will no doubt prevent this.

As Jesus says of you, “You know not when death shall come upon you.”

I warn you of the death of my friend Albino. Beware of what you eat and drink, as the same dogs bark at your heels, as you and they barked at his, and these dogs have always used the same tricks, and will do so again, on you.

There is no honour nor is there loyalty where the breast shows red. I shall contact you no more as my duty in this thing as far as you are concerned is now complete, and my burden grows heavier.

Jesus has cursed you and all your kind to the last drop of your blood for the way you have ill used him, across two thousand years. How he knew that this would be, I do not know. The how does not matter, the fact that he did is all. You are either totally mad or totally bad to ignore him and his word as you do, believing that you are so superior to him that you can ignore him. As in all things, Sir, the choice is yours.

I have been obliged to bid you cease three times thrice. I have now performed that obligation to him. I can do no more.

I remain.


Robert George Crosbie, SHP of The Way. A Nazarene by right of my Caul, in command of that brotherhood, which commands over you and all that there is.

And yet again Bob Crosbie wrote:

25th February 2002.

Dear Sir,

As you know, I was instructed to write to you three times in accordance with the instructions of Christ’s last prophecy. However, due to present trends in the world, my concern forces me to write to you once again even though I know that writing to you again will most probably have a similar result as the last time. That is, with much noise and no substance.

But even though it may be in vain, at least my duty to the Last Prophecy of Jesus and to Jesus himself, and to my fellow brethren, many who have suffered horribly under both your and your predecessors, is done. I bid you once again, Sir, as I did previously, under instruction via his last prophecy, to cease in the evil that you do. Cease in this madness that is destroying the minds of humanity for the base need to control, and thus threatening the very existence of that same humanity and even the existence of the world that sustains us.

The last time I wrote to you it was in the name of Joshua Ben Miriam (Jesus) and at his bidding. This time it is in my name and the name of all reason, and by my own prerogative.

If Albino, who was my brother and friend, had not been murdered, I might by now be more than just the Prince of the Earth, as Jesus called me.

Albino and I, as you are aware, were members of The Brotherhood. He was a great loss to all of us, and an even greater loss to humanity as a whole, and to the cause of Jesus Christ and all that would have meant to the world. His purpose and the purpose of the Nazarenes was trampled under the foot of that evil which professes goodness under the assumed authority of Jesus, which knows not and has no regard for goodness, and uses Jesus and his name only for its own purpose. Namely, by you and your church, Sir.

Jesus said that I was to tell you that you know the evil that you do. I am sure he was and is right, as was and is usual for him. I suggest that you read again his last complete and unequivocal prophecy. Should it have been destroyed or lost in your archives by now, as so often happens to things that fall into your hands, I can let you have another copy. You therefore have no excuse Sir, as it is always available to you.

Remember that he said for you to cease, for you know not when death shall come upon you. Look at your reaction; saying that a threat had been made on your life. Shame on you. The meaning was clear, and no threat. No doubt that this was just a knee-jerk reaction caused by your own conscience.

This kind of dishonest behavior will not get you off with what you have done in that final judgment. I will not write to you again and I will not be available to you from the date you know of, as there will be no further point. I just hope that I am not on the receiving end of your usual methods of dealing with problems. Your minions might even destroy this letter so that you will not see it, as what you do may not suit them in their personal desires.

They also know not when death shall come upon them. We both know that this thing will not go away. It will not be ignored; neither will it be kept hidden or locked away.

You still can put some things right, though not many things, as the evil that has been done by you and your predecessors, in their names and yours, by those under your authority, is far too great to be all put right. To offer apologies while you still insist on continuing with the same methods, with evil means and goals that are beyond reason, shows that you have no honest regrets and no respect for anything outside your own base desires. Nothing can be put right by doing even more evil or practicing even more stupidity.

The last prophecy of Jesus commanded me to bid you to cease three times. I ask you for the fourth and last time to cease. I do this to give you every chance, not for your benefit, but for mine. My conscience is now clear and my duty done. It is now up to you, as there is nothing more that I can do. As usual, I give you my name and my address. There is nothing hidden between us.

I remain watchful of your actions,

Robert George Crosbie.

B.O.N. (Brotherhood of Nazarenes)

High Caulbearer

Jesus said that he had come before the Seventh Sign to prepare The Way. The Seventh Seal is open and the seventh High Caulbearer has done all that it appears that he can do, as no one seems to want to know. But as he says ‘They will, but not until it’s too late’.

Is this man the person that the Brotherhood says that he is? There’s a lot of undeniable evidence that he indeed is, and none at all that he is not. He is a poor man, and a humble man with a very difficult past, for obvious reasons. He is entering into a deep despair, as the prophecy has said.

Shall you be one of the people who turns their back’s upon him? Will you at least look honestly, without prejudice? The world in dying under our feet and it won’t come back to life again, no matter how hard you pray to whatever god you pray to.

According to Bob Crosbie, when asked who he thought he was to judge, he said — and I quote, — “All men shall judge themselves by the working of their own minds, so I don’t have to.” I suggest that you read the book, the Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils. Then read The Book of Man, which is the original bible before its many alterations. Read everything else that he has said or written.

Then ask yourself again, if a real Saviour might well be here and nobody is taking any notice. Well I know that he is, and for one I am taking notice. I withhold my name for my own safety as I haven’t got his nerve.




A further letter was sent to Pope Francis on the 1st October 2013, requesting that he cease to use the falsity of belief to mislead innocent people into harm and his continues use of usury, which, according to Church teachings, is heresy, and therefore a mortal sin.

A copy of this letter can be found here….




The Prophecy of Jesus the Christ is available as a standalone publication in both English and Spanish in paper and ebook formats, from Amazon. The prophecy is also contained in The Men in the Myth, the Story of the Seven Signs, which is the updated publication of the original prophecy publication The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils.  These tiles can be viewed from the publications page here…

The End