Dan, the First to Come


This particular Lord of the Veil was the first High Caulbearer, being born under the astrological sign of a High Lord, or one born behind the veil of his high office, and therefore a king by birthright, as their births alone were predictable by those few wise ones who knew of the calculations.

Dan, the first of the Seven Signs, or prophesied ones, said that six more High Lords would come to mankind in the course of his existence, and that each in his turn would fulfil his design in the following of what is known to some as the Great Purpose, which is to show man the path to his true reason for existence, by following the inner path or code of understanding and conduct that became more widely known as The Way. This way, this straight and narrow path, was based on the principles of truth, knowledge, logic and reason, and in particular the avoidance of blind belief in the unbelievable, as the following of any other path can only inevitably lead to death and misery. The latter course, which is an alternate or lower path, has generally been known as the Way of the Beast, as it follows the baser leanings of the mind of man, as it refuses to know of anything better.

Dan followed The Way in his time, as he both considered and knew that there was only one right way in any thing, and to deviate from that straight and narrow path would spell disaster for people who depended on the hard realities that sustained all life, including mankind.
Dan, as a High Caulbearer, a High Lord of the Veil, a High Teacher of Truth, added to mankind’s understandings, and helped develop The Way further by enlightening the minds of those who had ears to hear his words and wisdom. He prophesied the coming of a further six Signs, like himself, who would further attempt to preach the way of truth, knowledge, logic and reason to the peoples of their respective times. It was intended that Dan’s prophecy would be added to by each of the further Signs, who would be in a better position to judge and evaluate the collective state of mankind’s mind as they would come to live amongst them.