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This site is dedicated to the prophecy of Joshua Ben Miriam, known also as Jesus the Christ, as revealed by the Son of the Widow, upon the opening of the Seventh Seal, in 1998. The information on the website is provided for the followers of The Way and for those who know of the relevance of the Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils.

The site will be updated over time, so as to provide a comprehensive archive on the prophecy itself and how it is liked with many historical events as it was passed down over the past two millennia.

The site is not designed as a forum for argument, point-making and forcing of opinion on anyone. We therefore ask any visitors to respect this fact, and to refrain from all contact or behaviour that is disrespectful, abusive or offensive.

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If you hold strong religious beliefs about the life and purpose of Jesus the Christ, you should now exit the website, as you may well find the contents to be incompatible with your convictions. As always in The Way, the choice is yours.

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